Uni Bazaar is a unique marketplace

which enables you and families around you with Easier way to shop & benefit from bulk discounts.
At Uni Bazaar, you can reduce the purchase price
Get Quality products directly from farmers and manufacturers in wholesale prices


Check The Features

Bulk Buying with society

Enjoy bulk buying discounts

Transparent society buying trends

Local merchants

Farm fresh products & great local finds

Secure payments

Door step delivery

Exceptional support service

How it works

  • Merchants create a sale for a locality, with bulk discounts options.
  • Merchant specifies the delivery date & by when the orders can be received from the users in the locality
  • Society / Locality members order the products & make payments
  • Uni Bazaar shares society's order's trend, making the bulk buying process transparent to the members of the locality
  • Once the order receiving date is over, reward points from the product sale are awarded to the user, which can be used in their next purchase.
  • Products are delivered on delivery date at the user's door step.

Why to buy from Uni Bazaar

  • Bulk Discounts without Bulk Purchase -
    Through your society's orders
  • Your Society Connect -
    Access and add to your society's buying trends
  • Security and Reliability -
    Security of user's confidential personal and financial information is well taken care of.
  • Reward points -
    Earn reward points with every purchase and utilise them in your next purchase
  • Easy Returns -
    If you are not satisfied with the product, return it at the doorstep and you get a refund.
  • Feedback and Suggestions -
    We work towards continuous improvement, based on your feedback and suggestions.

Why sell with Uni Bazaar

  • Fast Growth -
    Reach a wide customer base in a single order, through bulk sales to the society and grow your business fast.
  • Lowest Cost -
    Lower your logistics cost and pay whenever you sell - there are no hidden fees.
  • Ease of doing business -
    All you need to do is register, list your catalogue and start selling!
  • Faster and Secure Payments -
    Directly to your bank account, within 7 business days of delivery.
  • Society Trends Insights -
    Constant feedback loop of actionable insights on societies' order trends enables you to improve your sales
  • Exceptional Support -
    From managing inventory to providing insights for improving sales, there is an active customer support service all the time.

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